PVR Decoder Connections  [PVR Connection]

PVR Connection

The PVR decoder is among the most popular options in the country. More people are taking it up owing to the great connectivity options and ease to use. If you intend to get this decoder, you must first understand how to make various PVR decoder connections. It will save you money from hiring a technician and offers a great learning experience.

PVR Decoder Connections

How to connect a PVR decoder?

How to connect a PVR decoder

Connecting the PVR to the DStv satellite is easy! This decoder uses a twin LNB installation, and in the PVR decoder connections, you will have two cables that connect the smart LNB and PVR. It is prudent to follow this in the connection, and even though it will work on a single cable installation, it will be very unstable.

First, connect the cable from the satellite dish to the back of your PVR decoder using the dual LNB.

You will need to have an RG6 cable in this connection as it is the standard for linking your decoder to the dual smart LNB on your decoder. Ensure the connection is done well to prevent any signal leakages that could cause a poor signal error code when you begin watching.

How to connect PVR decoder to TV?

Since this decoder is an older model, it doesn’t offer the HDMI connection option to the TV. You thus have to connect it using video and audio cables. Making this connection is easy, and all you need to do is identify the right ports to make these connections.

  • Below is a PVR Connection Diagram

How to connect PVR decoder to TV?

First, connect the audio and video cables to the appropriate ports at the back of your decoder. These connections are simple since you get the cables with your decoder, and they have a colour that matches their corresponding ports. Ensure you have connected them well before proceeding to connect the other end to your TV.

You will also identify the right ports since they are coloured. All you have to do is insert these cables.

When they are all in place, you will be done with the PVR decoder connections. You can now proceed to run the installation wizard from the menu.

  • A benefit of these PVR decoder connections is that you can easily link more TVs in your setup.