DStv Decoder Problems and Solutions

Although Multichoice has designed its decoders to work well in all situations, this is usually not the case always. Like with any other electronic device, you are likely to encounter decoder problems while using your decoder. It is not limited to any decoder model as these problems will affect Explora decoders, SD, and even HD decoders. Knowing how to identify and fix decoder issues will save you a lot of money instead of hiring a technician.

Decoder Problems

Failing to boot is among the main hardware problems

This happens when your decoder fails to boot, even when you press the power button for a long time. When it finally accepts to boot, it takes a very long time to load the menu and might even fail to find most of your channels. If you have an active subscription, these decoder problems will make it unable for your decoder to load it.

What are the DStv issues?

There is a simple solution for these problems instead of resetting your decoder. First, unplug the power cable to your decoder and let it drain for around ten minutes. Second, disconnect anything connected to it, such as memory sticks and the smart card. Finally, reboot the decoder with all these items disconnected, and it should respond well and boot in time. You can reconnect all removed items, and your decoder will begin working well.

The decoder refuses to close the installation wizard.

It freezes on this screen even when you complete the installation process, and you are unable to view any channels. These problems mainly arise when you fail to connect your coaxial cable to the decoder. Check for this connection and also ensure the cable is not broken.

Decoder Problems

If this problem remains, you can choose to factory reset your decoder and begin the installation again. If it is from corrupt software, resetting it will fix the problem. This, too, is a simple process, and in no time, you will be through, and you can reset your decoder afresh. Some of these decoder problems are common, and knowing how to fix them will ensure you always have a good viewing experience.

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