A guide on the simplest way to create a DStv second tv setup.

When you buy a DStv decoder, multichoice will make it as convenient for you to use as possible. They have introduced many features that will make your viewing experience better and more entertaining. One of these is connecting two TVs to a single decoder. Creating a DStv second tv setup allows you to enjoy your viewing from multiple places in your house.

Dstv second Tv setup

This feature is also very beneficial if you have a business premise and you want to connect all the TVs there to a single decoder.

What do you need to create a DStv second tv setup?

When creating a DStv second tv setup, you will need several essential items. These are readily available from any accredited DStv dealer, and you can get them at friendly prices. First, you need a DStv Explora decoder, the TVs to be connected, connection cables, an F- connector, and finally, a multi-output splitter.

Since you will be transferring signals from one decoder to all these TVs and the connection can be long, you can also add a DStv signal booster. It will strengthen your DStv signal and ensure all your TVs have a high picture quality.

How to add another tv to your setup

First, you need to peel the protective strip from your coaxial cable and reveal the copper and silver interior. You can now attach it to the F-connector, and it will transmit a stronger signal for your DStv second tv setup. Ensure you prepare these cables well for the connection to ensure they work well and prevent signal drops while watching your TVs.

Dstv second Tv setup

Once completed, now connect one end of the F-connector to the RF- out port. It is easy to locate on your decoder, and the other end of the cable should be inserted into the splitter. The splitter is connected to the decoder, and its main purpose is to distribute a signal across the TVs. You can now run the installation wizard to complete the process.

Scan for the channels from your TVs, and they will begin displaying. Creating a DStv second tv setup is simple and offers a convenient way to watch. You will also get the most from your subscription.