What is a DStv Smartcard Number?

A DStv Smartcard number is the unique identification number associated with your DStv account.

It is used to identify you when you call the DStv customer care line or when you visit the DStv website.

You will need this number when you want to register for DStv Now, change your Dstv package, or make any other changes to your account.

DStv Smart Card Number Example (below)

DStv Number

How do you get a DStv Smartcard number?

When you buy a decoder, Multichoice will issue you a smart card.

  • The card holds all the information about you and your account.
  • It will have your registration date, name, and even the package you have subscribed for.
  • The smartcard number is the 10 or 11-digit number above the barcode
  • You can also get the number from my DStv application on your phone.

What is the importance of this DStv Smart card number?

DStv Customer Identity Number

  • Your number acts as the direct link between your account and Multichoice.
  • It is unique, and it will help them identify your account in a shorter time whenever you have a challenge that needs repairs.
  • All you need to do is read them your number, and they will find your account and make all the needed corrections.

Payment of  DStv Packages

  • Used for paying for your monthly DStv Package subscription.
  • You will enter it into the payment details, and the amount will be processed for your account.
  • A smart card number is used to track the payment and activate the account.

Protects your DStv Account

  • Prevents people from accessing your account on the Dstv Now App.
  • Before accounts can be linked to the app, you must first enter the smartcard number to proceed.
  • This will block an unauthorized person from using your account.

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Where to find the DStv smart card number?

The DStv smart card number is located on the back near the barcode.

Where is the Smart card number on DStv?

Finding the smart card number is easy.

  • Located on the back of the card
  • View it on your DStv Now app

How to check the DStv Smart card number?

  • View it on the back of the smartcard
  • Open the DStv Now app

How to get my DStv Smart card number online?

Log into your DStv profile on the official website or access it on your DStv now app

How to retrieve the DStv Smart card number?

  1. View it on the DStv Now App
  2. Located at the back of the smartcard
  3. Use the remote to access “Help” then select Information Central

Can I buy a DStv Smart card only?

Go to the nearest DStv Agency or Shop and get one there.

How much is a DStv Smart card in South Africa?

The replacement cost for a DStv Smartcard is R120.

What is the DStv Smart card replacement price?

The price is R120.

How to insert the DStv Smartcard?

  1. Disconnect power to the decoder
  2. Find the smart card slot
  3. Smoothly insert the smart card with the chip facing down
  4. Connect the power
  5. Complete!

How to remove the DStv Smart card?

  1. Disconnect power to the decoder
  2. Find the smart card slot
  3. Carefully remove the smart card
  4. Removal Complete!

Can I use or pair my DStv Smart Card with another decoder?

The answer is no. Each smart card is married or linked to a specific decoder.

How to link my Smartcard to DStv now?

Follow the below steps to link the DStv smartcard to DStv Now

  1. Log into Dstv Now
  2. Press “Link your DStv account”
  3. Enter your “Smartcard Number”
  4. Enter your “Surname”
  5. Choose your “Country”
  6. Confirm all details
  7. Press “Link DStv Smartcard”
  8. Select”Link”

Congrats! The linking process is complete.

How to pair a Smartcard with a decoder?

The easiest way is to visit a DStv Agency for help

  •  ID & smart card number will be needed
  • Also, bring along the serial number of your decoder

Does the DStv Smart Card Expire?

It does not expire.

How many digits is the DStv Smart Card number?

It will be 10 or 11 digits.

How to Activate DStv smart card?

For the DStv smart card activation do the following

  • Phone: 083 900 3788 or 011 289 2222
  • USSD Code: *120*68584#

Where is the Smartcard on DStv Explora?

The new decoders have the Smartcard built into them.

How do I fix a DStv Smartcard error? – E06-4

  1. Remove the Smartcard
  2. Clean it with a soft cloth & re-insert
  3. If the smartcard is damaged, then replace it

Is the DStv smart card number the same as the IUC number?

Yes, it is.

What does DStv smart card number not found mean?

It means you need to unlink your smartcard and then link it again.

What is a smart card serial number?

It is a unique number that identifies it to the system.