LNB Installation Guide – Unicable LNB installation

When you want to learn more about DStv connections faster and easier, you need an LNB installation guide. This is an essential tool from MultiChoice that contains all the information you need when installing your smart LNB. It will help you identify all the important items you need for the connection and connect them all. Having an LNB installation guide in the DStv LNB installation process will make it simpler for you.

LNB Installation Guide

What you need for the process according to the LNB installation

The LNB installation guide will help you identify all the items you need for the LNB setup. First, you need a satellite dish, a smart LNB, and an RG6 connecting cable. These are the primary items for your setup, and you can only proceed with the installation once these are connected.

Installing your DStv Satellite Dish

Since the smart LNB is connected to your satellite dish, you first need to install it before proceeding. The guide will take you through this process, and you can complete it yourself.

All you need to do is identify the direction with the strongest signal and install your satellite facing it as directed by the LNB installation guide. When your decoder is installed, you can proceed to set up the smart LNB device.

How to set up the smart LNB device on your satellite?

Since the smart LNB is a delicate tool, the LNB guide will advise you to set it up once you have completed setting up your satellite dish. It is the arm-like part of the dish and is easy to identify from your setup.

Here, you will only need a screwdriver to hold it firmly in place as directed by your LNB installations.

LNB Installation Guide

When it is all set up, you can now proceed to the final part of the LNB installation guide process, setting up your cables. Here, you will need an RG6 cable that will link the smart LNB and the decoder.

Connect it to the appropriate port and run the other end of the cable to the back of your decoder. Insert it firmly and proceed to run the installation wizard.

This is the final step and will help identify whether the smart LNB connection was correct.