If you want to learn how to make an extra view connection, an extra view diagram will help you. Since it contains a visual representation of all its information, you can learn faster and easier. If you have a how to connect DStv Extra View diagram, your connections will also be more accurate.

This is what you can learn from this Extra View connection diagram.

Guide on how to connect DStv extra view diagram

How to connect DStv extra view diagram

A how to connect DStv extra view diagram will help you understand what an extra view connection is. An extra view connection is when you link one decoder to several others using the same account. These decoders will use a similar subscription but will work independently, and you can watch different channels on them.

The types of decoders to use

In an extra view connection, the primary decoder will send signals called heartbeats to other decoders. These will display them on their respective connected TVs.

When using a how to connect DStv extra view diagram, you will get informed on the types of decoders to use. In the connection, you can use any decoder model you have. Multichoice allowed this to ensure more people can get an extra view connection and enjoy its benefits.

However, if you are using old decoder models, you will need more cables, and your signal strength will be low.

Setup using how to connect the diagram

This diagram will guide you through the entire installation process and make it as simple as possible for you.  First, you will have to connect the coaxial cables from each decoder to your smart LNB. This is the device connected to your dish and converts radio signals to ones your decoder can understand.

How to connect DStv extra view diagram

When the decoders are connected, you can link them using a heartbeat cable for the primary decoder to send signals. It does this every 2 minutes to ensure you don’t experience any delays.  Once connected, you can run the setup menu to complete it and ensure all decoders get a signal.

If you experience the E143 error message, you can recheck your connection to ensure it is accurate.

With a how to connect up the diagram, the entire process is easier and less time-consuming.