There are several DStv decoder options to choose from, and all have been performing well. Since xtraview was introduced, the demand for decoders has increased. The DStv Explora and DStv HD PVR are among the most popular options for an xtraview connection. It is thus important to know how to connect  Explora and HD PVR for xtraview.

How to connect Explora and HD PVR for xtraview

What is the difference between the Explora and HD PVR?

These decoders are among the popular models from Multichoice, but the Explora is the more advanced option. Their main difference is the picture quality and recordings allowed. The DStvExplora decoder offers up to 220 hours of HD recording of your favorite shows. The HD PVR decoder lets you record 15o hours of SD quality and 50 hours of HD quality.

Although they have different features, they are very convenient for an xtraview connection. The Explora decoder offers a strong signal quality that ensures the HD PVR decoder receives an adequate signal.

How to connect Explora

You should first ensure you have a coaxial cable for both decoders and a Smart LNB device. The Explora is very convenient in this connection since it offers a range of connecting options. To make the connection, you can connect through the uni-cable ports on both decoders.

When learning how to connect Explora and HD PVR for xtraview, you should ensure you know all these ports and the cables connected to them. It will easy to learn since they are marked. Once you connect the cables to the smart LNB and the decoder, they will begin transmitting signals.

How to connect Explora and HD PVR for xtraview

Why do you need an xtraview connection?

Xtraview allows you to get the most from your DStv subscription. Since you can connect up to two additional decoders and have different viewing points, everyone in your house can watch their favorite shows uninterrupted.

When you know how to connect Explora and HD PVR for xtraview, you can also record your shows on the different decoders as they will be working independently, and it is a very convenient feature. Xtraview will allow you to enjoy watching DStv more, and you will never miss your favorite shows.