DStv is one of the best and most popular entertainment options available for homes and business places. Multichoice has made having a DStv decoder very convenient by introducing many ways to connect to it. If you have extra decoders, you can use the Extra View option to view channels from your primary subscription across all the decoders. If you don’t have an extra decoder, there is also an option for you as you can learn how to connect extra TV to a DStv decoder.

Why you need to know how to connect Extra TV to DStv decoder

With this option, you won’t need to buy new decoders or pay extra, and it is very convenient. If you have a huge waiting area in your business, this option allows you to place TVs in different parts of the room and connect to a single decoder. The connection process is simple, and after a while, you will know how to connect extra TV to DStv decoder.

How to connect extra tv to DStv decoder

You will need two tv sets and a decoder, preferably a DStv Explora, although other decoders will work too. The process will also need a long coaxial cable depending on the distance between your TVs. You can find the cable in any accredited Multichoice dealer. You must also have a couple of F-Type connectors and one F-type plug for the tv.

How to connect?

Once you get all the needed items, you can begin making the connection. You only need to have basic knowledge of DStv connections, and you can complete it successfully. The two F-type connectors should be connected to the end of the coaxial cable. Measure the cable to ensure it reaches the second tv comfortably.

How to connect extra tv to DStv decoder

Connect one side of your F-type connector to a port labelled RF Out at the back of your decoder. You can now connect the other end of the cable to your TV. Once the connections are complete, turn on the tv and the decoder. You can now run the channel search option on your tv, and in a short while, it will discover the DStv connection and begin showing its channels.

This is it is done conveniently without having to call a technician.