How to Exit DStv installation wizard?

Once you have completed setting up all the hardware parts of your DStv connection, you have to run the installation wizard. It serves many purposes during the installation process and while you are using your decoder. When you are done using the installation wizard, you have to know how to exit DStv installation wizard.

What do you need to know on how to exit DStv installation wizard?

Your DStv installation wizard is available in every DStv menu, and once you buy your decoder, you will get it. To bring it up, you can press the button written DStv on your remote. It has many features, and some are very beneficial in fixing the errors in your decoder.

How to exit DStv installation wizard

What are the benefits of the DStv installation wizard?

What are the benefits of the DStv installation wizard

Multichoice puts an installation wizard in every decoder due to its many functions and its benefits. The installation wizard helps you complete your setup process, and it ensures Multichoice recognizes your DStv decoder. When you experience a signal error, the installation wizard allows you to reset your decoder.


The installation wizard also makes the setup process simpler as it will guide you through the entire process. It has many benefits to offer, and you should always ensure your installation wizard is updated regularly. You should also know how to exit DStv installation wizard.

How to?

Opening the installation wizard is simple as you only need to press the DStv button on your remote. Exiting it, however, is different and should be done right to ensure all the changes you have made are saved.

Exit DStv installation wizard

When you are done with the installation wizard, there is a prompt to save all the changes you have made. Accept this and proceed with the exit process. It will take a while to save the changes before you can proceed. The simplest way is to press the exit button on your decoder, and it will take you back to the main menu.

You can also press the “back” button on your remote several times until you get to the main menu. To complete this process, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge of DStv setup. You only need to know how to navigate through the menu, and that is how to exit DStv installation wizard.