Extra view is a great feature from Multichoice that allows you to get the most from your DStv subscriptions.

It lets you connect multiple decoders to your DStv Explora and watch different channels on different TVs. You no longer have to worry about making this connection as here is how to connect DStv Explora with extra view.

Guide on how to connect DStv Explora with Extra View

You will first need to have secondary decoders. These are decoders that will be linked to your Explora decoder and begin broadcasting on their own. You must ensure that the secondary decoders can connect, and for this, you can get newer model decoders.

How to connect dstv explora with extra view?

You should also have a smart LNB that will let you connect your primary decoders to the rest. Since you will be using multiple TVs in your connection, you will also need an RF Out port.

These are the basic items needed, and once you have them, you can begin making the connection.

How to guide with DStv Explora

All you have to do is run your RG6 cables from your DStv Explora to the uniport cables at the back of your smart LNB. These ports will be easy to find when you look at the back of your DStv Explora decoder.

Ensure you have connected the smart LNB to the secondary decoders and you are all set.

Once this connection is complete, you can run the setup and select the number of decoders connected. Only a maximum of two decoders is allowed. When the scan process is over, you will see these decoders and begin receiving signals. You can now begin watching your shows on them.

How to connect without a smart LNB

If you don’t have a smart LNB, you can also make this connection. You will need to get a multiswitch connected to your decoder and twin LNB cables that will send signals to your secondary decoders. It will only be needed if you are sharing a satellite dish with other users.

How to connect dstv explora with extra view?

Once you make these connections, your decoders will begin receiving signals, and you can begin using them. It is a very convenient way to enjoy all your favorite shows.

That is how to connect DStv Explora with extra view.