Which are the most popular DStv Decoders Options?

More people are getting DStv, and Multichoice has made better DStv decoders with improved signal reception and picture quality.

Over the years, the popularity of DStv has been increasing steadily. More homes worldwide are adding it to their entertainment, and it has been serving many very well. All the different DStv channels it has to offer will give you and your family an impressive entertainment experience.

The availability of different DStv decoders also allows you to select one that will work best for you. You now have options depending on the type of experience you want to have and the number of Extra View connections you want to make.

The DStv Explora and the 4U HD decoder are among the most popular DStv decoders available on the market. Many customers prefer these decoders owing to their simplicity of setup and strong signal connection. These decoders also have very good package options that will boost your entertainment experience.

However, these two decoders have several differences, and you should look into them before you decide which is best for you.

DStv decoders

The Decoder pricing differences

The main difference between these  DStv decoders is their prices. Many customers are concerned about installing their DStv and how much they will pay for the packages. If you are concerned about this, you should focus on the price difference between these two decoders.

Their price difference arises from their PVR function difference. PVR (personal viewer recorder) is a feature that allows you to record and save all your favourite shows for viewing later. It ensures you never miss a moment of your favourite show, making it very convenient to have.

  • This function is available for the DStv Explora, and plays a role in its pricing.

What are the features of these DStv decoders?

The features of these decoders are different since MultiChoice released them at different times. The Explora and the HD decoder differences will affect the decision you make when purchasing one.

DStv Explora features

The DStv Explora is regarded as one of the best decoder options from Multichoice. It has great features that make it reliable, especially when making an XtraView connection. It acts as a good primary decoder. Its main feature is the recording option.

If you are watching live tv, this option allows you to pause, complete anything you were doing and continue viewing. You can also rewind in case you missed anything, making it very convenient.

This option on the Explora decoder also allows you to save recordings and watch them at a later date. It allows you over 100 hours of watching time, and this feature is unique to the Explora decoder.

It also has the option to connect your decoder to the internet. When connected, you can enjoy additional programmings such as Netflix and Show Max.

This feature also allows you to download any available update for  DStv decoders from Multichoice, and you will always have a well-performing decoder. All these mean that your Explora must be connected well to enjoy all it has to offer.

DStv decoders

DStv HD 4U decoder features

Many have preferred this decoder since it has good picture quality and is relatively cheaper than the Explora. It is among the most popular DStv decoders, especially for homes and small-scale viewing and has a compact design that makes it very durable. It can withstand small falls owing to its shape as it protects vital parts from damage.

This decoder is also great for ExtraView connections. It can serve as a secondary decoder very well and will receive signals easily. If you are using two connections, you can even add it as your primary decoder. The decoder has fewer cable connections, giving it a cleaner look and making its installation simpler.

Which DStv decoder should you pick?

These two DStv decoders offer good performance and are very reliable. Your pick should depend on what entertainment experience you want since they offer a different one.

  • The Explora will work well for some, while the HD 4U will work well for others.

You can also consider more DStv decoders, and your accredited installer will guide you through this delicate process. Ensure you know what they all have to offer before settling on any.