My DStv says no signal

In the course of your viewing, your DStv can lose signal, and the error message will pop up on your screen. You will want to know why my decoder says no signal, and your first option will be to reach out to a DStv technician to figure it out.

  • There is, however, a simpler solution to this, and you can resolve it on your own. You will first have to find out the cause of the signal problem before you get a way to fix it.

Why is my decoder showing no signal?

Several factors can interfere with the signal quality your decoder is receiving. Some are regarding your hardware or can come from the software settings on your decoder. When you ask yourself, “why the decoder says no signal,” the first place to begin checking should be your satellite dish.

My decoder says no signal

When setting up your satellite, you will likely place it at the wrong elevation or while facing the wrong direction. It will limit the signal reception or block it completely, and you will get the no signal error message.

Your decoder can also lose its signal when there is bad weather. Since it interferes with the signal quality of your satellite dish, you may lose the signal completely. If there is a strong wind, your satellite can also get misaligned, and you could lose signal reception.

My decoder says no signal

Software challenges that can cause your decoder to lose signal can come when you make an update incorrectly. If your decoder receives regular system updates, a corrupt update can interfere with your signal reception.

What to do when my DStv says no signal?

How do I fix my decoder signal?

The first place to begin is the satellite dish. Inspect it closely to ensure it is firmly in place and hasn’t been tampered with. You should also check if it is facing the right direction as required by Multichoice. Realign it until you get a strong signal, and you won’t get a no-signal error. You can also check whether the RG6 cable is cut. If cut, replace or repair it.

You can also check whether the error is from your decoder by looking into the recent update you made. Resetting the decoder will undo any changes you might have made, and your no-signal error will be gone.

  • You never have to worry about what to do when DStv says no signal.