DStv Multi Switch Connection Diagram [Multiswitch wiring diagram]

The DStv multi switch connection diagram is a guide that takes you through the setup process for your multi switch. It contains several images that will guide you when you are making these connections.

  • The diagram will make it easier to learn and gives you the most from your DStv switch connection.

DStv multi switch connection diagram


What is a DStv Multi Switch?

DStv Multi Switch

A multi switch is a tool created for DStv Explora users when you want to create an extra view connection. It makes it simpler to create Extra View connections by reducing the cables needed for the setup.

You can now make your Explora connections conveniently and in a shorter time thanks to the multi switch and the DStv multi switch connection diagram.

What is the design of the DStv multi view?

DStv multi view

diagram gives you a better understanding of the design of a multi view device and how it works. There are four input ports marked H/L, V/L, H/H, and V/H, and they are all used for different connections.

It also has four outputs labelled 1 to 4, and their use depends on the extra decoders in your setup. It also has two DStv Explora outputs for an easier connection. When some ports aren’t in use, the multi switch will terminate them to reduce signal leakages.

How to know your Multi Switch is working

How to know your Multi Switch is working

The multi switch has LED lights that will help you determine whether it is working or not. It also varies depending on the number of connections you make. The DStv multiswitch connection diagram will help you identify all these lights and what they mean.

Multi switch will light blue when you turn it on. It will also light when you make an Explora to Explora connection. However, if you are using other decoder models, the multi switch will not show any lights but will still work well.

The DStv diagram will help you troubleshoot when you encounter any problem with the DStv multiswitch connection.

DStv diagram