What is DStv Home Network IS20?

DStv home network IS20 is a signal on your DStv decoder that lets you watch free public channels. When you configure your DStv decoder to this frequency, you will still watch even when your subscription passes. It doesn’t offer premium channels like your DStv subscription but lets you enjoy while you wait to make a monthly subscription.

DStv home network IS20

When you know how to make the home network IS20 configuration, you get numerous benefits. It lets you get more from your decoder. You can also enjoy your subscription. all you need for the setup is your DStv decoder remote and some knowledge of navigating the settings.

Accessing the network options on your decoder

The first step to configuring DStv home network IS20 is accessing the network menu. Press the menu button to begin, and the main menu will pop up. Select the advanced options on the menu and go to the dish installation option. It will bring up a prompt that lets you input a pin. Enter 9949 in this menu, and the decoder will save the changes.

Navigating through the home system

The second step in DStv home network IS20 is navigating through the home network and saving some changes. Select the home network option on your menu and change the smart LNB HI settings frequency. Save it as 10600 and save these changes.

DStv home network IS20

You can now proceed to the network two option to configure the satellite and make more changes. When you get the option to change your decoder frequency, alter it to 11170 and the symbol rate to 26652. Ensure you always save these changes before you exit the menu to receive the changes on your decoder’s system.

Turning on the LNB and Accepting changes

The final step in the setup is accepting all the changes you have made altogether. You will also have to turn on the smart LNB and monitor all the changes you have made. Ensure they are correct to prevent poor signal error messages.

You can now scan all the networks on your decoder, and it will save those it finds. When the scan is complete, you will have access to all the channels that come up. You can watch them on DStv home network IS20 for free since they are public channels.