DStv multiswitch problems

The DStv Multiswitch was introduced to make Extra View connections simpler. You can link more decoders to your primary DStv Explora decoder in this setup, and you will get the best from it. You can, however, begin to experience DStv Multiswitch problems if there is an error in your setup. Here is how you can handle these problems.

What causes DStv Issues in your setup?

DStv Issues

Most problems stem from your Extra View Setup. They will come up when you make the setup incorrectly, or there is a faulty connection. If your cables aren’t plugged in fully, you will experience DStv Problems.


When you use the wrong cables for the connection, you will also experience DStv multiswitch problems. The cables linking the multiswitch to other decoders can also result in the DStv multiswitch problems error if they are broken.

How can you fix DStv Problems?

How can you fix DStv Problems

There are numerous ways to fix multiswitch issues depending on the cause of the problem. You first have to identify the cause before you can begin fixing it. First, look through the connecting cables and ensure they aren’t broken. If they are, get new cables to replace the workout as they could be leaking signals and causing a poor signal for channels.

You can also replace the multiswitch device itself to fix DStv problems. If the device is damaged, it will not send enough signals to other decoders in your setup.

DStv problems

When you make your connections, it should light up blue. If it brings a red colour, it means the multiswitch is damaged and could cause your DStv multiswitch problems.


Get the proper multiswitch device from an accredited installer. It will ensure you get one that works well and will deliver a proper signal.

Although these changes are simple, they will go a long way to correct most DStv problems you experience.

  • It is thus important to know how to fix them to get the most from Extra View.

You can also reach out to a Dstv Technician if you cannot identify the causes of these DStv Multiswitch errors. They will have better and more accurate solutions, and you can get the most from your extra view setups.

DStv Multiswitch errors