DStv Now Problems – Streaming Issues 2022 / 2023

DStv now is an online platform that lets you enjoy all the channels from your subscription through an application or on a website. If you are on the move, it is a great way to still get the most from your DStv Package subscription. While using DStv now, however, you are likely to experience some challenges, and these are called DStv now problems or Issues. They will affect your overall viewing experience and make it more challenging to enjoy or even watch your shows.

DStv Now Problems

How does DStv now work?

How does DStv now work

If you want to use DStv now, you must first have an Explora Ultra decoder subscription. Once you do, you can now link your DStv account to an online profile that will let you access the channels on the subscription. You can do this through the DStv Now App or the multichoice website. You will need to enter your unique smartcard number before you can proceed and complete the link.

What are the common DStv now problems you will encounter? – Problems with DStv Now

Several DStv now problems you will encounter in your viewing, and they are all very annoying. The first is when you get an error message that the video you have clicked on cannot play. It happens when you click on an already removed video or when you click on a channel that is not in your subscription. The screen will remain black until you select something else.

Another DStv now problem is when you get a message that too many people are streaming using the online platform. It will terminate your viewing, and you will have to try and reconnect, and you could miss out on your favourite show.

DStv Problems Now

How to fix DStv now problems?

When you get the signal error message, the first option you have is to reload your browser. Once you refresh it, your DStv Now App will begin searching for a signal, and you can solve this problem. You should also ensure you have a strong internet connection as this will help you get a stronger signal.

signal error message

The second error message, too, can be solved by reloading your browser. If it remains, you should ensure only two people can access the online platform by changing your password. Solving these DStv now problems will help you get a better viewing experience.