DStv parameters incorrect

When you get a DStv decoder, you can make as many configurations as you want. One of these is the parameters settings. The parameters will come preset into your decoder from Multichoice, but you can change them when you need to. When you do it incorrectly, however, you will get the DStv parameters incorrect error.


How to identify DStv parameters incorrect error?

DStv parameters error

It is simple to identify this error due to its effects on your viewing experience. When you reset the DStv parameters, the error message will be displayed on your screen. Your decoder will also stop getting any signal, and it will not display any channels.

Changing the DStv parameters can cause a lot of problems for your decoder. It is always advisable to leave it as it is or get an accredited installer to configure it. When facing the DStv parameters incorrect, there are simple ways to fix it.

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How to correct DStv parameters error?

This is a common error, and finding the right fix is simple. You can reset your DStv parameters to their initial point by resetting your decoder. All you need is your remote, and you can complete the reset successfully. Click on the menu button to bring up the settings menu.

Navigate to the reset option and click on it. Your decoder will begin resetting, and once complete, it will reboot. All the configurations made will be restored to factory settings. The DStv parameters incorrect error too will be solved.

What causes the DStv errors error?

DStv errors error


Fixing DStv parameters incorrect error by accessing new networks

Fixing DStv parameters incorrect error by accessing new networks

You can correct the DStv parameters error by connecting your decoder to a new network. Select the advanced options on your decoder and when prompted for a code, enter 9949. It will bring you to the network setup menu. Select it. You will get the message “DStv IS20 and do not change the values”.

Select it and restore it to the default values. The DStv parameters incorrect error too will not appear, and you can go back to watching.