How to Activate DStv? – DStv Activation number

When you make a DStv dish installation, it remains just that. Before you can receive any signal and watch any channel, you first need to activate your decoder and account. It is thus a very important step, and you have to know how to activate DStv.

  • Since the process is not technical, you can do it yourself without hiring a Dstv technician.
  • Before you can activate your DStv, you first need to create an account.

How to activate DStv

What is a DStv account, and how do you create it?

Multichoice created the option of a user registering their decoder into their online platform and creating an account. You can monitor your DStv Package through this account, make payments, and upgrade your package when you want to.

Through your account, you can also watch your shows thanks to the DStv Now option.

All you need to create the account is your details and the smart card number.

  • You can proceed on when you enter these details and your account will be created.

How to activate DStv for a new decoder?

You can activate your account if you have completed the entire DStv dish installation and your decoder is powered on.

  • Write down your unique DStv smart card number as it is needed in this process.
  • Also, write down the serial number of your decoder, and you can find it at the back or on your user manual.

How to activate DStv

Once you have captured these details, power up your decoder and run the installation wizard.

  • When it is complete, it will show you available channels and the signal strength on your decoder.
  • If channel 100 is working, it means your setup was correct, and you can now contact Multichoice for activation.

They will require all the details you had written down, and when requested, give them.

  • You can also ask them to take you through the process.

When it is complete, they will inquire whether specific channels are working and their picture quality. This is how to activate DStv.