Connecting your Decoder to the Internet – DStv Connection

Connecting your Decoder to the Internet

Multichoice is always working on new ways to make your watching experience better. Although DStv is among the biggest entertainment option in many countries, many other companies are stepping up and giving Multichoice a run for their money. Multichoice has managed to stay ahead and counter its competition through innovative ideas such as the Wi-Fi DStv connection.

This feature allows your decoder to connect to your home Wi-Fi and lets you enjoy online content and other streaming services. If you enjoy watching ShowMax, the decoder lets you watch all your favourite shows on this streaming platform once you have made the DStv connection. You can also save all your favourite shows without running out of space.

What is needed to make the Wi-Fi DStv connection?

Wi-Fi DStv connection

This feature is currently only available on the DStv Explora decoder. If you are using older model decoders, you will need to upgrade and enjoy all the great and convenient features it has to offer. You must also have an internet connection in your home.

It is on this network that you will establish your DStv connection. The internet speed should also be reasonably high to ensure a smooth watching experience. It will ensure all your shows continue uninterrupted and that you have more fun watching your DStv.

There are two connection options you can use, a wireless connection or a wired connection. You can use your preferred method, and it will work well.

DStv connection

Making a wired connection with an ethernet cable

This is a great option if your DStv Explora and router are in the same room. When using an ethernet connection, you can get a steady connection, and your steaming will be more convenient.  You will achieve high picture quality, and the DStv connection will be more reliable.

The process is simple, and you won’t need any tools or technical knowledge. By following this simple guide, you can connect on your own without needing a technician to assist. Behind your DStv decoder, there is a green ethernet port for this purpose.

Insert one end of your ethernet cable into it and the other end into your router. You can now grab your remote and ensure the connection is established from the user menu. Press the “Help” option on your remote and select “tools.” Among its options is the connectivity checker. Click on it.

You can now switch on all your connected services, and all features that need an internet connection to work will get activated. Once this is complete, you will have successfully made an ethernet and DStv connection, and you can begin enjoying it.

Connecting your DStv Explora Decoder through Wi-Fi

This is a very convenient option if your router and decoder are far apart. It will also maintain a clean setup look since there won’t be any cables running across your sitting room. It is very convenient, but you can only use this option if your Wi-Fi connection is strong and has relatively high speeds.

This DStv connection is also data-intensive, and you should ensure you have an unlimited amount of data. If you cannot connect your router and decoder, you can use a DStv Wi-Fi connector that will automatically complete the process for you. This option also needs your router to have a WPS button that helps establish a secured connection easily and automatically.

What to do if your router doesn’t have a WPS button

In some instances, some routers don’t have a WPS button. Since it is essential when establishing a connection, you will have to improvise. There is a simple way to get around this challenge, and you can go back to connect your DStv Explora to your home Wi-Fi.

DStv Wi-Fi connector

Insert a Wi-Fi connector into your laptop and make some easy configurations. Enter your Wi-Fi password into it, and you are all set to carry on with the connection. Insert this connector into your DStv Explora, and it will begin receiving Wi-Fi signals from your decoder, and you can complete your setup process.

Using the connectivity checker, search for the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, and your decoder will be connected automatically. You can now use your decoder on the internet.

What are the benefits of setting up a DStv connection with your Wi-Fi?

Many benefits come with connecting your DStv Explora decoder to the internet. They range from technical advantages to entertainment reasons. One of the most notable advantages is that you get a wider entertainment library. Once your decoder is connected to your Wi-Fi, you can begin enjoying other streaming services such as ShowMax or Netflix.

These have more movies and TV shows, and you are likely to find all your favourite shows here. It is very convenient, and you can switch between these great entertainment options whenever you need to. Another benefit is that you can always get online help whenever you encounter any problem.

When using your DStv Explora, you are bound to get errors or problems that you are unable to fix. If your decoder is connected to the internet, you can automatically get the help you need. It will scan for possible solutions, and you can follow them and correct these errors.

Multichoice is constantly working on new ways to make your experience with their DStv Explora decoder better. They release regular system updates that ensure you are always getting the best performance. If your DStv connection is activated, you can automatically get these updates into your decoder.

You will never experience any challenges, and your decoder will always work great. Improved performance will result in a better entertainment experience. If your decoder is connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can also record and save all your favourite shows without running out of space. You will never have to miss any of your favourite episodes and are assured of the best watching experience.

Making a DStv connection to your home Wi-Fi has many benefits to offer, and once you do this, you are all set.