What is DStv connect?

Many people always have their smart devices near them most of the time. Multichoice is aware of this, and they have tried to make it as simple as possible for you to access your DStv information and make any change you want. You can do all these using the DStv connect platform. It will give you more control over your viewing experience, and you can enjoy all it has to offer.

DStv connect

DStv connect is an online platform that allows you to monitor your DStv decoder from wherever you are. All you have to do is create a profile and enter details about your decoder. You can log into the platform and make changes to your DStv, such as saving your favourite shows. It also allows you to upgrade or downgrade your DStv Package whenever you want to.

Is the DStv connect platform linked to my Decoder?

DStv Decoder

Yes, all the changes you make through the site will be saved to your decoder, giving you more control over it. If you add a channel to your favourites, you will also find it saved to your decoder. It also allows you to record your favourite shows remotely, and all you need to have is your unique smart card number.

How do you use it?

DStv connect platform

Indeed, you first have to log into the online platform, and if you aren’t registered yet, you can begin the brief registration process. You will need your unique smart card number that will help to link your account to the DStv connect platform. To register, enter all the information required on the website, and an activation link will be sent to your email.

connect platform

Once you activate it, your account goes online, and you can now begin using the platform. To log in, click on the sign-in option on the platform, and it will bring down a menu. Lastly, you can now enter your details and proceed to log in. Furthermore, on this platform, you get more control, and you will never remain behind on any important information about your decoder.