What Types of cables are in a DStv Cable Connection?

When you buy a DStv decoder, you will get several connecting cables that will help to transmit signals from one point to another. Some of these cables can come from the satellite dish to the decoder or from the decoder to the TV. It is vital to know your DStv cable connection to ensure you can handle any connection challenges you encounter while using your decoder.


When you want to connect your decoder to your tv, there are various cable options. You can choose to use the cable from the manufacturer or an HDMI cable. The DStv decoder has been designed to offer many connecting options, and at the back of your decoder, you will see an HDMI port.

DStv cable connection

There is also an LNB cable that connects the Smart LNB to the satellite dish. It is a vital cable since it ensures the signal is transmitted to your decoder and that you can watch your shows. If you are using a DStv Explora decoder, there is also an RG6 cable that connects the smart LNB to your decoder. All these cables in your DStv cable connection play an important role in your viewing experience and making it better.

How to make connections to various points?

Multichoice has made it easier for you to connect all these cables to their rightful ports. The back of your decoder is marked to show all the different ports and what they connect to. These cables are all unique, and even when you make the wrong connection, it will be easy to identify them. The HDMI cable will run from your decoder to the back of your TV. It offers great picture quality and a good viewing experience.

unicable port

The RG6 cable is connected to the unicable port on your Smart LNB. Since it is the only cable connected here, you don’t have to worry about the wrong connections. This cable helps to transmit signals and ensure you can watch all your favourite shows conveniently.

Accredited DStv installer

When you make any DStv cable connection, it is important to ensure they are done correctly. Whenever you encounter any challenges, you can consult your Accredited DStv installer.