Two Decoders on One Account

Firstly, one of the greatest benefits of having a DStv connection in your home or business premises is the great innovation Multichoice puts into making your experience better. Secondly, did you know you can now use two decoders on one account? It is a feature called DStv Extra View. This lets you connect more decoders to one and watch from different TVs in your house.

What do you need to connect two decoders on one account?

This process is quite simple, and with a basic understanding of DStv Explora connections, you can make it. Thirdly, you don’t need to hire a technician. You can with the right tools, connect it on your own. You will need to have multiple decoders that will be used in the connection.

Two decoders on one account

Indeed, to have a better connection, one of your decoders, preferably the primary one, should be a DStv Explora. You can use your old decoders for a secondary connection. This ensures they are capable of being connected. There are cables specially designed for this connection. They will transmit data faster.

How do you connect two decoders?

This connection only allows you to link a maximum of two decoders for every primary connection.

  • Your primary decoder will transmit a signal called a heartbeat to other decoders every 90 seconds.
  • It ensures other people watching don’t experience any delays.
  • They too can have a good viewing experience.
  • The connection is done through a communication cable or a smart LNB cable.

 Which channels can you view in the extra decoders?

When you connect two decoders on one account, it will be as though you are extending your primary decoder. You will thus get all the DStv channels you have subscribed to on your main decoder.

  • In this connection, however, everyone can watch their shows without any interference from other viewers.

Two decoders on one account

Every decoder can also record shows separately.  This ensures you never miss all your favourite programming. When you have two decoders on one account, you will reduce any disagreements over the remote, and your family can watch whatever they want.

In conclusion, it lets you get the best from your DStv Package.

Link two decoders on one account. Now you will have an even better viewing experience.