DStv has many interesting programs for you and your family to enjoy. When these programs are running simultaneously, however, it can be challenging to decide which one to watch. Multichoice has created a way to ensure you don’t have to encounter that situation. It is called an extra view connection, and this is how to make a smart LNB extra view installation.

Smart lnb extra view installation

What is Extra View?

An Extra View installation is when you link one decoder called a primary decoder to other secondary decoders. All these decoders will be linked to one account, and you thus don’t need to pay for an extra DStv Package subscription for each of them. The only cost is the Monthly Access Fee of R105 per secondary decoder.

If you, too, would like to enjoy the benefits of an XtraView Setup, you first need to know how to make a smart LNB extra view installation. It will cut down on your setup costs since you can do it independently without the help of a technician.

What Types of Decoders are used in an LNB Extra View Installation?

Multichoice has created a smart LNB extra view connection simpler for more people by making all decoders compatible with the connection. You can use an SD, HD, or Explora decoder, and it will work well for the smart LNB extra view installation.

However, when making a triple connection, you must have an Explora decoder to ensure a strong signal reception. This decoder will also work better as a primary decoder, making the connection easier.

Smart lnb extra view installation

How to Complete an LNB Extra View installation?

First, identify the smart LNB device on your satellite dish. It is the arm-like part on the dish that sticks out, and on it, you will find ports for the connection. Using a coaxial cable, connect all decoders and run them to the smart LNB.

How to connect smart LNB for ExtraView?

If the decoders in your extra view connection are new models, use the uni-cable port to connect to the smart LNB. Once connected, both decoders will begin receiving a signal, and you can proceed to the installation wizard. Each decoder will get a strong signal, and that is how to complete a smart LNB extra view installation.


How many Decoders can I connect to a Smart LNB?

  • Only 2 Secondary decoders can connect to a smart LNB

What is needed for DStv Extra View?

  • Smart LNb
  • Satellite Dish of 80cm
  • Primary & Secondary Decoder

Do I need a heartbeat cable with a smart LNB?

The answer is no. The smart LNB replaces the heartbeat cable.

Where do I find the DStv Extra View Setup PDF?