DStv Explora 2A Keeps Rebooting 2020 / 2021 /2022 /2023

Although the DStv Explora 2A is popular among many DStv users, its problems can be very annoying. Top of the list of these is the DStv Explora 2A keeps rebooting problem. It happens when your decoder reboots even without your instruction. It could even happen while watching your shows, creating a lot of interruptions and bad experiences.

DStv Explora 2A Keeps Rebooting

What causes the DStv Explora 2A keeps rebooting problem?

The main cause of the DStv Explora 2A keeps rebooting problem is damaged DStv software. Often, Multichoice releases new decoder systems, and you can download them when you connect your decoder to the internet. If you download the wrong software update or get it from the wrong site, you can begin suffering from the rebooting problem.

DStv Explora 2A Keeps Rebooting

Fixing it doesn’t need any technical knowledge as you can conduct simple fixes even without a technician.

How can you fix the rebooting problem?

The simplest way to fix this problem is to hire a DStv technician. Since they are experienced in these connections, they will know what the problem is and fix it better. If it has happened only once and is not a huge problem, you can fix it yourself.

  • You only need to navigate through the DStv menu, and you can complete the repairs.

First, turn off your decoder and disconnect all the cables from it. Let it rest for a while while you ensure all its cables are good. You can reconnect its cables and turn it on. After completing the restart, you can now take your remote and proceed with fixing this DStv Explora 2A keeps rebooting problem.

Press the DStv button on your decoder and hold it until it brings up the user menu. Press the direction button and select the menu options that come up. Now go to the Home network option and select the “DSTV W7” option. If you have a corrupt system, it could be altered, and you have to change it back.

Your decoder will reboot once this is done and perform a scan. You can also run its installation wizard to complete the process and save lost channels.

  • This simple process will help you fix the DStv Explora 2A keeps rebooting problem.


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Why does my DStv decoder keeps rebooting?

  • Damaged DStv software.

How to format DStv Explora 2a?

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