How do I Restore my DStv Channels?

When using your decoder, you can experience some challenges in signal connections and finding all the channels. When you look into the list of your subscribed DStv Channels, you might fail to get some of them. In this instance, you will want to know, “How do I restore my DStv channels.” Here is a look at how to do it and what will happen when you do.

How do I restore my DStv channels

The main cause for your decoder to lose signal is a lack of signal or an interruption that makes the signal strength to be too low. When the signal is low, your satellite will have problems receiving weak signals, and the channels associated with them will not be displayed on your decoder.

What happens when your Decoder loses channels?

When your decoder loses channels, some of them will become unavailable from your channel list. Although you might know the channel numbers, finding them will be hard.

If these lost channels are your favourite, it can be very frustrating and interfere with your viewing experience.

How do I Restore my DStv Channels?

Restoring your DStv channels is not a technical process, and you can fix them by navigating through the menu. You won’t need the help of a DStv Technician, and by using your remote, you can resolve this problem.

One of the ways you can restore your channels is by rescanning your DStv decoder. Click on the quick setup option and begin the process.

How do I restore my DStv channels

Many professionals advise you to use the manual setup process since it will give you more control, and you can select some aspects of the process you want.  One of these is the country your satellite is located in since it will affect the channels displayed on your decoder.

Navigate through the menu and select the scanning option, and your decoder will begin looking for the channels. Those found will be saved into your channels list and will be restored.

You can now view them, and if they were unavailable before, they would be restored. You no longer have to wonder, “How do I restore my DStv channels.”