Having a DStv Explora offers many conveniences since you will never have to miss any of your favourite shows. This decoder has a hard drive that allows you to record and save all your favourite shows and watch them later. The hard drive also allows you to pause live tv, rewind, and continue watching from any point. Even with over 100 recording hours available, you can still run out of space, and you have to know how to clear disk full on DStv Explora.

Tips of How to clear disk full on DStv Explora

How to clear disk full on DStv Explora

How do you record shows?

A DStv Explora has a record option on its navigation menu that allows you to turn on the record option whenever you need to. Its hard drive will store all this data, and you can go back to watching it whenever you want to. It is very convenient, especially when you are busy and don’t want to miss any part of your favourite shows.

Once you turn on the record function, it will begin recording. What is displayed on the screen, and when done, it will be saved to your decoder. The Explora has a file for all these recorded items for easy retrieval. When you run out of space, you will get a disk full message from your decoder when you try to record anything else. You must know how to fix the problem.

How to clear disks on the Explora

To remove this message from your decoder, you have to clear enough space for your next recording or entirely clear the data on the decoder. If you want to delete one recording, click on the recordings file from your DStv menu and move to the recording. When you click on it, you will get a prompt for whether you want to view or delete it. Click on the delete option, and it will be cleared from your hard drive.

How to clear disk full on DStv Explora

If you want to remove all data from your decoder’s hard drive, the process is similar. Click on the file with all your recordings. You will get an option for whether to open it or delete its contents. Click on the Format option, and all the data on your DStv Explora hard drive will be deleted. This is how to clear disk full on DStv Explora.