How to connect two TVs to one Decoder?

Firstly, one way you can get more from your DStv Package is when you connect two TVs to a single decoder. It is very convenient for homes as you can set up the different TVs in various areas in your home, making it more convenient to watch. Secondly, if you have a business lobby, knowing how to connect two TVs to one decoder allows you to install TVs for your clients across the room easily.

How to connect two TVs to one decoder

What do you need to make this connection?

Before you can proceed with connecting 2 devices, you first have to get the essential items for the connection. First, get an F-connector, a coaxial cable, several screws, and a screw. An electrician’s cable will also come in handy in the connection to ensure all your cables are firmly in place.

The setup process on how to connect two TVs to one decoder

First, before proceeding with how to connect two TVs to one decoder, you have to prepare all the cables needed for the DStv Explora connection. Remove the insulation on the front part of all your cables and ensure the copper is exposed. Indeed, insert it into the F-connector and screw it shut to ensure it is held in place. The F-connector allows you to connect the cables to your decoders conveniently.

Lastly, then inserts the cable from the F-connector to the RF-Out port located at the back of your decoder. The other end of the cable should be connected to the input port on the DStv output signal splitter. This will ensure your DStv signal can be distributed across the different TVs in your connection.

How to connect two TVs to one decoder

Linking your TVs to the decoder through the signal splitter

This is the final step on how to connect two TVs to one decoder. All you need is an RG6 cable. It will run from the output port in your signal splitter and into the port on your TV. Your connection will be complete, and you can begin watching all your shows on these different TVs after running the installation wizard. They will, however, show similar channels at the same time since they are linked to one decoder.