Over the years, Multichoice has been coming up with innovative ways to make your DStv experience great. They have also introduced a way to make your Dstv installation process and poor signal repairs easy. You can now find your DStv signal using your smartphone. This is how to find DStv signal using phone and connect your decoder.

How to find DStv signal using phone

When should you know about the DStv signal strength and direction?

Knowing the signal strength and direction for DStv is important during the installation process. Multichoice recommends that your decoder should face in a specific direction to ensure you get the best signal, and when you know how to find DStv signal using phone, you can make the connection easily.

Why do you need to know how to find DStv signal using phone?

When you encounter a poor signal error message, too, you will need to know to repair it. If the problem is not related to your cable connection, you will need to know how to find DStv signal using phone.

How to find DStv signal?

First, you will need to download the recommended application from Multichoice onto your phone. Search for the Satellite Director application on Android and iOS and install it into your device. Once installed, you will have to allow it to access your location to detect it using GPS and place it on the map more accurately.

How to find DStv signal using phone

When you have accepted all permissions needed, you can proceed to where your satellite dish is installed. Click on the app and run it. all you have to do is point it into the sky and wait while it scans for Dstv satellites. This is usually the direction with the highest signal. Once it identifies it, you can proceed to the last step of how to find DStv signal using phone.

Ensure your dish is pointing in the direction your phone says the satellite is located, as this is where you will have the strongest signal. When you adjust your satellite accordingly, you will never experience any poor signal problems. Your DStv Explora connection will work well, and you can enjoy all your favourite shows.