How to Install DStv Decoder – Setup DStv Decoder

More people are setting up DStv connections to their homes, and the demand for DStv technicians is high. If you too would like to make this installation, knowing how to install DStv decoder will save you a lot of time and some money. You can do it instead of looking for an installer, and all you need are the right tools for the task.

How to install DStv decoder

Most of the items needed will come with your package from Multichoice. These include steel screws, an RG6 cable, the dish, and its mount, among many others. You will also need a cement drill, a hammer, a screwdriver, and an electrician’s tape. You can now begin how to install DStv decoder, call us.

Items needed in the how to install DStv decoder process

The first step  is setting up your DStv dish. It will receive signals transmitted to the decoder, and you have to do it correctly. First, mount the base in the right direction as instructed by Multichoice. Ensure it is held firmly with the steel screws.

Once done, you can now attach the smart LNB. All you need is a few screws, and they will be firmly in place. When you complete this step, you can move to the cable setup.

How to install cables?

Connect one end o your RG6 cable into the Incable port on your smart LNB. Run the cable to the decoder and insert it into the “Unicable In” Port. The cable connection in the DStv decoder process is simple, and you should ensure your cables are held together with a cable clip.

How to install DStv decoder

Running the installation wizard.

The final step in the how to install DStv decoder process is running the installation wizard. It is done once all cable connections are complete. Click on the DStv menu and find the installation wizard option. When you click on it, it will launch and will begin scanning your connection.

When the signal is received, it will show you the signal strength, and you can begin watching your shows. This is how to install DStv decoder for your home in a simplified process.