How to scan DStv channels?

In the course of your viewing, one challenge you will encounter is channel loss. When our decoder stops showing some channels in your package or when you begin getting poor picture quality, it happens. It is thus important to know how to scan DStv channels to help you fix most of these signal problems.

  • Like many DStv connections, it is a technical process, and you will need some time to understand it well.

How to scan DStv channels

If you are a beginner, you can get the help of a DStv Accredited Technician, and you won’t experience these problems going forward. This guide will take you through how to scan DStv channels, and you can begin doing it on your own.

What do you need before you begin scanning?

Although the scanning process is technical, you don’t need any tools to complete it.

  • All you need is your remote and the decoder to be scanned. Ensure your remote is functioning well by testing it severally.
  • When you press it, it should emit a red blink, and this shows you are ready to begin the process.

How to scan DStv channels

First, wait for your decoder to boot up before you can proceed. It will help you identify the missing channels before you can begin scanning for the missing ones. Once your decoder completes booting, press the channel list and see the number of channels missing.

Next, select the satellite location option and ensure it is where you are located. Your satellite will have problems getting a signal if it is different, and you won’t get any channels. This is an important feature to know when you learn how to scan DStv channels. Once you have selected the correct country, you can continue.

How to scan DStv channels

Press the OK button on your decoder and select the manual setup option, and press OK. You will get several LNB options, select the one you are using and proceed. If you have an Explora connection, you don’t have to select this. Once you have selected all the right options, select the scan option, and it will begin immediately.

The scan process will take a while and will automatically close once it is done. It will reboot to channel 100 and will show the picture quality and signal strength. This is how to scan DStv channels.