Signal Booster for DStv

Poor signal strength is a major concern for many DStv users. These errors can interfere with your viewing experience and make it impossible to watch any of your favourite shows. The poor DStv signal causes your tv to display freezing images or distorted picture quality. One of the most convenient ways of solving this problem is getting a Signal booster for DStv.

Booster for DStv

What is the purpose of a booster for DStv?

This device is included in your DStv setup, and its purpose is to increase the signal reaching your decoder. When you add it to your DStv connection, a booster will ensure your decoder is getting a stronger signal, and the same is transferred to your decoder.

What causes DStv signal problems?

You will encounter DStv signal problems for several reasons, and most are because of your connection. Some of these problems can be solved using a booster for DStv, making it very convenient to have this device. One of the main causes of a poor signal is a blocked satellite dish or when our dish is facing the wrong direction.

In this situation, the decoder will not get a strong enough signal, and the picture quality will drop. You can fix this by adding a booster for the DStv signal into the connection.

Booster for DStv

How to connect a signal booster to your DStv decoder

This device is connected using the cable from your satellite dish and that from your decoder. Connect the RG6 cable to the marked port on our booster for DStv. Using another cable, connect the other end of the device to another RG6 cable and link it to your decoder. Once you complete this connection, you can proceed to check the strength of your connection.

Turn to the DStv menu and select the signal test option. This option is available regardless of the decoder you are using. Once your DStv decoder completes the scan, you will get new values for your signal strength. These will be higher thanks to the booster for the DStv connection. You can thus begin enjoying high picture quality and proper programming thanks to this connection.