With the demand for accredited installers on the rise, more people are taking it as a potential career path. If you want to join this team, this article will guide you on the requirements needed and the entire process of becoming one. Before you can join the team of accredited installers, you have to pass the strict tests from Multichoice and fulfill all their requirements.

Accredited Installers

Who are accredited installers, and what services do they offer?

Accredited installers are individuals or companies allowed by Multichoice to make DStv dish installations and deal in their items. They offer a wide range of services depending on what Multichoice allows. If you want to become an accredited installer, you must first know about the services they offer.

A guide on how to join the installers!

One of their most crucial duties is satellite dish installations. If you don’t want to install your dish on your own, you can call us, and they will assist you. They also make repairs to DStv decoders and any signal problems you might be facing. Once you become an accredited installer, you can offer clients these services, and they will be listed in your license.

Requirements of becoming an installer

Before you can become an accredited installer, you have to fulfill various requirements from Multichoice. Most of these are in line with the country’s laws, and some are exclusively from Multichoice. To join the team of accredited installers, you must provide these installation services as directed by Multichoice and only offer the services you are allowed.

Accredited Installers

You will also need to have a level 1 Multichoice training before you proceed. You must also have your tools and, if you are running an installation company, have all the needed safety equipment. When you receive a temporary accreditation, you must first practice for five years.

There are specific Multichoice branding items that you must use if you want to join us. When you get your license, Multichoice can give you some while others you will have to buy. Once you agree to all the terms and conditions, you can join the team of accredited installers and offer all these services.