Simple answers for how do I activate DStv extra view?

DStv extra view is a new and convenient way to get the most from your DStv subscription. It allows you to link up to two additional decoders to a primary one and use its subscription. You won’t have to pay for multiple DStv subscriptions, making it very affordable for many people. When you are done making the DStv extra view cable connections, one question will remain: how do I activate DStv extra view.

How do I activate DStv Extra view

How do you connect DStv extra view?

Before you ask yourself, how do I activate DStv extra view? You first have to make all the necessary connections. You can choose to use a smart LNB device or a communication cable for your setup. It all depends on the number of decoders you have in your setup and other factors.

If you are using a communication cable connection, you first have to connect all the explora decoders in your setup to the smart LNB. The cable will send a strong signal every 2 minutes to ensure your decoders are not running behind in signal reception. Once you have completed the connection, you can now activate your extra view connection.

How do I activate DStv extra view?

You will first have to check whether your cable connection is done correctly and whether all decoders in your setup are working. Play channel 100 on all your decoders and ensure they are all receiving the signal. You should also check whether the primary decoder is working and sending a steady signal to all secondary decoders.

How do I activate DStv Extra view

Once you have completed all these checks, your extra view connection will be activated. If any of your decoders is showing the E143 error message, it means there is a faulty connection in your extra view setup, and you will have to correct it before you proceed. You can also check the status of your connection to ensure it is working.

On your remote, click the “Help” button and scroll to the “General Information” option. Click on it and select the “Extra View” option. If your connection is correct and activated, it will be displayed here. This is the simple answer to how do I activate DStv extra view.