How to FIX all DStv Error Codes?

Firstly, people ask how do we clear DStv error codes? Secondly, If you see an error do not stress out. Our guide to fixing the DStv error code is super easy. Thirdly, learn about the various DStv error codes and how to clear them. Fourthly, you can use to resolve most issues that you might have with the satellite TV provider.

Fix DStv error codes now!

DStv error codes

Clear your DStv Error Code

Indeed, register and follow the instructions to clear your error codes. Should an accredited Dstv installer be needed, we have them on standby for you. In short, just WhatsApp or call us and a Dstv Technician will be en route to fix your Dstv error codes or related Dstv Repairs.

How to fix error code E01

Furthermore, there is no hard drive available. As a result, just connect the decoder to the satellite signal and enjoy!

How do I clear error E02

To sum up, there are titles that are not displaying on the hard drive, and none of the recorded titles is available to that country.

What does error E03 mean?

Box office titles are not available in this country (the country is not available in the Config file).

How do I get rid of error E04

No user interaction is required, leave the decoder connected.

What does error E04-4 mean on DStv Now

Insert the validated smartcard into the decoder. Secondly, should the smartcard not work, it can be exchanged.

Dstv Error Code E05

The smartcard of the decoder is not inserted correctly. Remove and clean with a soft cloth to avoid damaging it. To fix this issue, insert the smartcard correctly into your DStv.

  • You can also call a Multichoice Centre to reset or exchange your smartcard.
  • Alternatively, you can contact our Accredited DSTV installers.

Dstv Error Code E05-04

There is an unknown smart card inserted. Replace with a validated smart card.

Dstv Error Code E06-04

If the smartcard is not damaged, gently re-insert it. Indeed, if the decoder is not working, then try to reset or flash the machine.

Dstv Error Code E16

This channel is blocked because it was not part of your package or it was suspended.

Dstv Error Code E16-4

The channel is blocked because your account is unpaid. Call the Multichoice number to resolve the error. Without a doubt, if there’s no response from the hotline, you can resolve it by yourself.

  • USSD Code – Dial *120*68584# and follow the instructions.

Dstv Error Code E17

Why is the channel blocked? Currently, there is no active subscription. Clear this error or check your account balance with your self-service option.

Dstv Error Code E17-4

Your smartcard is not married to the decoder. At this time, to get married, just use the marriage command.

Dstv Error Code E17-13

This channel is blocked due to a non-active subscription. Of course, call Multichoice to activate it.

Dstv Error Code E18

The activation of your decoder is proceeding. However, it may take a few hours for the activation. To reset it, call the number provided.

  • Multichoice 012 422 2222

Dstv Error Code E19

Your TV’s decoder has been disconnected for a long time. To get it back, you need to call the Multichoice number 012 422 2233. Alternatively, dial *120*68584# and follow the instructions.

Dstv Error Code E19-4

Firstly, this channel is blocked due to your decoder being offline or suspended. Contact Multichoice now

Dstv Error Code D29-4

Decoder to be connected to the signal for a minimum of one hour. In the meantime, The decoder should play audio and video clips from the satellite signal

Dstv Error Code E30

The subscription is in the process of validation. Please call the number provided to confirm your subscription status. In other words, if you encounter an error while trying to call the number, follow the instructions below to fix it. Dial *120*68584# and follow the instructions.

Dstv Error Code E30-4

The subscription is currently being confirmed. This confirmation will take a short time. Please be patient. To clear the error message use the MyDStv App, WhatsApp or visit Self Service.

Dstv Error Code E32

The validation of your Smartcard and subscription is in progress. Meanwhile, be patient, this process may take 5 minutes or more

Dstv Error Codes E32-4

This error is the same as Error 32. The validation process is underway.

Dstv Error Codes E33

DStv subscription is being validated. For that reason, you may need to clear the error by going to the App or using the DStvWhatsApp bot.

Dstv Error Codes E33-4

Identify if the correct smartcard has been inserted into your decoder.

Dstv Error Codes E37

The channel that you selected on the remote control cannot be found. If you have trouble finding the channel that you are looking for, then try re-entering the number of the channel that you want or DStv guide.

Dstv Error Codes E37-32

Make sure the smartcard’s country code is valid.

Dstv Error Codes E38

If you need help with your program map on DSTV, call a local DSTV installer. In addition, all our Dstv Installers are accredited.

Dstv Error Codes E38-32

The service is not available. It may have been removed or discontinued.

Dstv Error Codes E42-32

The Parental pin on the decoder has been blocked. To reset it, call the number 012 422 2222 or email:

Dstv Error Codes E43

A limitation on broadcasting prevents the user from viewing the channel in the country that they intended. In other words, this can be fixed by opening an account in the country where the channel is intended.

Dstv Error Codes E43-2

This error indicates that a channel cannot be used in a specific country.

Dstv Error Codes E44

The channel is blocked or has no event information available. You can also check if the data on your TV guide is available. As a result, to check if the data is available, go to the DSTV settings page.

Dstv Error Codes E44-32

This error occurs when the event information for a channel is not available.

Dstv Error Codes E45

There is a restriction that prevents the user from watching specific services. In conclusion, this issue can be solved by calling the number provided. Multichoice 012 422 2222

Dstv Error Codes E45-32

Decoder to be turned off by the plug for 30seconds. Turn the decoder back on. Likewise, if an error is still there, please call Multichoice.

Dstv Error Codes E48

The error message indicates that the reception from the dish is poor. This could be caused by a loose cable connection or faulty equipment. In addition, terrible weather can also play part in having a poor signal.

Dstv Error Codes E48-32

Bad weather or a technical issue with your satellite dish can cause your signal to go offline. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions from our Dstv installers that can help restore your signal.

Dstv Error Codes E50

Channels with an empty bouquet were selected. Choose the correct bouquet. On the menu, select the correct bouquet of channels. Finally, to do so, press the TV button on your remote. Alternatively, call Multichoice 012 422 2222

Dstv Error Codes E50-32

This bouquet has no channels for viewing.

Dstv Error Codes E55-4

Your smartcard products have already expired. Symptoms will be loss of audio and video. Therefore, this issue can be solved by resetting your DSTV decoder.

Dstv Error Codes E70-32

Second viewing environment error due to software limitation.

Dstv Error Codes E71-32

The following information cannot be viewed: Song title and artist information. Scanning is in progress, hence not able to view another channel.

Dstv Error Code E73-32

This error message displays when the TV link is not working properly. As a result, it can also be caused by a faulty connection or incorrect channel selection.

Dstv Error Code E75-32

This error message displays when the second viewing environment has a problem.

Dstv Error Code E76-32

Above all, due to an inactive smartcard or subscription on the secondary environment.

Dstv Error Code E100

The smartcard failed to be validated because the decoder has been disconnected or not working for a long time.

Dstv Error Code E100-4

Unfortunately, the viewer is not entitled to watch these services since the date code on their smartcard has expired. Best of all, call Multichoice 012 422 2222 to clear this error.

Dstv Error Code E101

Without a doubt, validation error of your smartcard. Multichoice 012 422 2222 can clear this error.

Dstv Error Code E101-29

Absolutely, no PVR product was added to your DSTV Smart Card. Importantly, at this time, contact Multichoice for help.

Dstv Error Code E102

Clearly, your Dstv account does not have the PVR loaded onto the account. First and foremost, to fix the problem, call Multichoice.

Dstv Error Code I02-4

Importantly, the code is usually related to the status of the smartcard. It shows a blank screen when the TV is turned on. In addition, to get it back, please remove the smartcard and try again.

Dstv Error Code E102-29

Firstly, the product cannot be found or the card is missing. Furthermore, this error usually occurs when trying to start a recording or playback.

Dstv Error Code E106

At this time, the network does not recognise the decoder. Definitely, contact Multichoice.

Dstv Error Code E107

Obviously, you cannot connect your Smartcard to the decoder. Indeed, to fix this issue, simply call the number provided and follow the instructions on your phone. Dial *120*68584# or call Multichoice 012 422 2222

Dstv Error Code I07-4

It should be noted, this error occurs when the smartcard and decoder are not matched or paired. Above all, it can be fixed by replacing the smartcard with a new one.

Dstv Error Code E108-4

The card could not be authenticated, which prevented the viewing of channels. Please leave the decoder on for at least 2 hours to allow the card to authenticate.

Dstv Error Code E109

This channel is blocked because it was not part of your package or services have been suspended. Firstly, to check your account balance, please use the DStv App or WhatsApp bot.

Dstv Error Code E109-4

Your product needs to be added to the smartcard.

Dstv Error Code E118

Alternatively, if the decoder software is not up to date, please press the HELP button on your remote to troubleshoot.

Dstv Error Code E120

Indeed, if the error persists, please do not turn off your decoder. Absolutely, power it on until it clears.

Dstv Error Code E120-4

Your DSTV smartcard does not recognise the date of broadcast. Clearly, to fix this, you can exchange it at the Multichoice centre or call them.

Dstv Error Code E132

You cannot retrieve or playback data from the DSTV decoder’s hard drive using the smartcard number. It should be noted, to avoid this, make sure that the hard drive is formatted correctly by our DStv Installers.

Dstv Error Code E133-4

The smartcard cannot be synchronized with the channel that it’s playing. Generally speaking, this issue usually occurs when the smartcard is not working properly. Contact Multichoice or our accredited DStv installers to fix it.

Dstv Error Code E143-4

If your secondary DSTV decoder is not receiving the heartbeat, then call our DSTV installers. We are in your area.

Dstv Error Code E144

The DSTV Xtraview is on the wrong network. Ultimately, the best way to resolve this issue is to call Multichoice 012 422 2222.

Dstv Error Code E144-4

The smartcard is invalid since it already has been used. Also, the decoder contains the history of another smartcard that was already paired to it.

Dstv Error Code E600-0

Your validation is in progress and can take over 5 minutes. Should the error message continue, please bring your decoder to a designated agent or branch of Multichoice.

Dstv Error Code E8118

The supply of your internal decoder is faulty. The decoder is to be replaced as soon as possible.

Dstv Error Code BE 1

In conclusion, the memory of the Dstv Flash is corrupted. Please make contact with our DStv installers to come out and assist with this matter.

DStv error codes


Lastly, standby mode is currently set on the decoder. Secondly, use the power button on the remote control to turn the decoder on. Have any problems contact our DStv installers.


Finally, this could be the result of a technical issue or it could be due to the satellite dish not receiving a signal. Reset your decoder. Alternatively, should the re-set not fix the issue, then call our accredited DStv installers to help.