DStv is a leading entertainment provider in South Africa. It has many channels that everyone in your household can enjoy. When you buy the DStv Explora, you are assured of high picture quality and an impressive watching experience. Since everyone in your house has their taste in programming, you will need to learn to navigate through DStv Explora xtraview settings to have the best experience.

Why do you need a DStv Explora xtraview settings?

Your favorite shows aren’t necessarily those enjoyed by others in your home. You might love sports while other household members prefer movies, and with all the great viewing options available for the Explora, it can cause some drifts in your house.

Dstv Explora Xtraview Settings

Multichoice has reconciled this by introducing the DStv xtraview settings that let you connect your decoder to more decoders. It is a very convenient option as you won’t have to buy new subscriptions for all the decoders you have connected to TVs in your house.

How do you complete DStv Explora xtraview settings?

You will first need to have a DStv Explora as your primary decoder. Onto it, you can choose to connect your old decoders or get additional Explora decoders for the connection. A DStv Explora will get better signals and will distribute them well across all other decoders.

How do you set up your DStv Explora?

You will need to have a smart LNB to connect all your decoders and ensure proper performance. If you have extra tv points, you can use the RF out ports for your connection. Connect your RG6 cables from your DStv Explora and into the unicables ports at the back of your smart LNB.

Dstv Explora Xtraview Settings

On the settings menu of your DStv Explora, select the number of decoders you intend to add to your xtraview. Let the scanning process complete, and it will show all these decoders. You are only allowed a maximum of two additional decoders, and once you complete the connection properly, you can begin enjoying your programming.

What to do if you encounter challenges with the settings

If you are a beginner, you are likely to encounter challenges as you make your connections. It should act as your learning opportunity, and in a short time, you will have mastered xtraview connections. However, if you are unable to fix these challenges, you can call in an accredited technician.