As DStv continues to become popular in the country, more people are beginning to learn more about what it has to offer. When you buy a DStv system, you will receive various parts, all of which will play a huge role in the installation process. One of these is the DStv Explora decoder that will convert the signal from your dish to signals your tv can understand. When you buy a DStv decoder, you should know how to make a DStv Explora LNB connection.

DStv Explora LNB connection

What is a DStv Explora LNB connection?

It is a connection between your smart LNB, the decoder, and your satellite dish. This connection is very delicate and should be done well; otherwise, you won’t receive any signals into your device. The smart LNB is connected to the satellite and will transform signals to ones your decoder can understand.

When you learn the DStv Explora LNB connection, you can save money by making it yourself instead of hiring a technician.

How to connect an Explora with a smart LNB

You will first need to mount the satellite dish since you will connect the smart LNB. Ensure trees or buildings do not obstruct the dish. You should also ensure it is facing the direction with the highest signal strength.

You can now connect the RG6 cable to a port on the smart LNB. It will ensure proper signal transmission and that you get the best picture quality. This is an important step in the DStv Explora LNB connection process.

Once complete, you can now connect the RG6 cable from the smart LNB to the back of your DStv Explora.

DStv Explora LNB connection

Connecting the RG6 and running the installation wizard

Once you complete connecting your cables to the smart LNB, you can now run it and connect it to the back of your decoder. You will spot the “Unicable In” option, and you can connect it there. You can now run the installation wizard to complete the setup.

When the setup is complete, your DStv Explora LNB connection will be complete, and you can begin enjoying programming. Making this connection is quite technical, and if you don’t have a strong understanding of the connection, you can consult an accredited DStv Installer.