Connection of DStv Explora

In recent years, Multichoice has released several decoders, but none comes close to the performance offered by the DStv Explora. This decoder is equipped with some of the best functionalities and features that guarantee you the best viewing experience. For many people, however, a major challenge has been to establish a DStv Explora connection.

Making a DStv Explora connection

If you would prefer to connect on your own and save on technician costs, you can now do so. This guide will take you through the process of connecting your DStv Explora and enjoying all the channels on your DStv package.

DStv Explora Connection

Here, you will need some basic DIY tools that will make the process simpler. These include a hammer, a screwdriver, a wire cutter, and electric tape. You can easily find these items in your local store, and they will come in handy for your future repairs and home renovation projects.

Mounting your DStv satellite dish

The satellite dish will come with your package when you purchase the DStv Explora and play a huge role in receiving signals. The dish has to be placed in a high area and away from any obstructions. There should be no buildings or trees nearby that will interfere with your signal.

You can use the steel wall nails to attach the base and screw the dish into place.

  • You should ensure it is facing the east direction for proper signal reception in your DStv Explora connection.

How to connect DStv ExploraCables

Connecting the RG6 cable – DStv unicable connection

Once your satellite dish is firmly in place, you can now connect the RG6 cable to your smart LNB. There is a unicable port that supports this connection and is easy to find on your device. Once connected, you can now connect the other end of the cable to the Unicable in port at the back of your DStv Explora decoder.

DStv Explora Connection

Running the DStv setup wizard

Once you have completed these cable connections, you can now turn on your decoder and initiate the installation wizard. This is a simple prompt, and you will be guided through the procedure. Once the setup is complete, you can now contact Multichoice and activate your decoder.

You should always ensure channel  100 is playing, as this will indicate that your DStv Explora connection was successful.