This is an important feature that you will learn from your DStv extra view installation diagram. An extra view connection is where two decoders are set up to obtain a signal from one. It allows more people in your home to enjoy all their favourite shows even when they are running at the same time.

  • All these decoders will work independently. Indeed, now you can record all your favourite shows.

How many decoders are in a DStv extra view installation diagram?

With an extra view connection, you can benefit from your subscription as more people can watch the programs. It offers a lot of value for money.

DStv Extra View Installation Diagram

Your installation diagram will help you understand how many decoders you will need to make your connection. Multichoice only allows a maximum of two decoders for every subscription. The first decoder is called the primary decoder. From this one, all other secondary decoders will get their signal.

Your DStv diagram will show you these different decoders and where they should all be connected. You will also learn that the primary decoder should be an Explora for better connectivity from the diagram.

How the signal is transferred in your decoder

It is important to learn how the signal is transferred from one decoder to another. So that whenever there is a signal problem, you can fix it.

Your DStv extra view installation guide will show you how to connect the primary and secondary decoders using a Smart LNB device. If you have an extra viewing point, you will also need to have an RF Out cable.

DStv Extra View Installation Diagram

Finally, from the diagram, you will learn to connect by running your RG6 cables from your Explora to the smart LNB. From here, you can connect your secondary decoders.

Then start the wizard setup. It will run and ensure all decoders are getting an adequate signal and producing a good picture quality.

Running the quick setup.

The DStv extra view installation diagram also includes running the installation wizard. It is done once you complete making all the necessary connections. Finally, when the quick setup is run properly, all your programs will begin to display.

  • Now you can enjoy your extra view connection.

In conclusion, having a DStv extra view installation diagram will help you learn better.