When using your DStv decoder, you are bound to run into signal challenges, especially when the weather is poor. It can result in a bad watching experience, and you might even miss some of your favourite shows. When experiencing this and many other challenges with your DStv decoder, you can reboot it. Here is how to reboot DStv decoder.

Tips on how to reboot the DStv decoder

This process doesn’t need any specialized tools, and all requirements are included in the setup kit from Multichoice. You must have an electricity supply, your DStv remote, the correct power cable, and you must ensure the decoder is well connected to the tv. With these items, you can now begin the process, and it is easy to learn how to fix the DStv decoder.

How to reboot DStv decoder

How to restart your DStv decoder

Once you have all the required items and have ensured they are well connected, you can begin the reboot process. There is a notable difference between booting and rebooting the decoder, although the process is almost similar. To begin, ensure your decoder is on standby mode, and you can check this by looking to see if the red-light indicator is on.

You can now grab your DStv remote and proceed. Now press any button on the remote, and if the red-light indicator remains on, it means that the remote is not working. You can now click the power button on your remote. It is located at the top part of the remote and is easy to locate.

Indeed, press on this button and switch on your tv. You will receive a list of connection options depending on what devices have been connected to your decoder, and you can now select the DStv decoder. Once you do, it will begin showing normal programming, and you will have rebooted your DStv decoder. The entire process is simple, and that is how to fix the DStv decoder.

How to reboot DStv decoder

What are the benefits of rebooting your decoder?

Lastly, rebooting helps to solve most signal challenges. If some channels are not displaying at all, you can reboot the decoder, and when complete, they will begin working. Rebooting also helps when you have poor picture quality. In conclusion, this is how to reboot DStv decoder, and you can have a great watching experience.