DStv Dish Alignment

Dstv dish alignment is a common problem, especially for people who independently conduct the satellite dish installation process. You won’t have the tools needed for the process. A poorly aligned dish will make it challenging to get a strong signal.

Why is DStv dish alignment important for your setup?

There is now a more convenient way to perform the alignment for the setup without a meter.

DStv Dish Alignment

What do you need for the alignment process?

The DStv dish alignment is done after you have already set up your satellite dish. You don’t need any tools to do it. All you need to do is inspect how your satellite dish is set up and make all the needed changes.

Multichoice makes DStv alignment easier by including a small bracket on the satellite dish. It is marked with the correct 36.6 degrees required.

You should also check the angle of your smart LNB and change it while changing the DStv alignment. It should be at an angle of 53 degrees to the right of the satellite dish. If you don’t have a meter to measure, you can use the face of your analogue clock to get the perfect angle at half-past four.

When making the DStv dish alignment, you should also ensure it is facing eastwards. MultiChoice recommends this and it will ensure you get the strongest signal level.

You can also set this up without a tool. All you need to do is realign it in the morning as the sun rises.

DStv Dish Alignment

You can also tell the right direction to set up your satellite dish by observing those in your area. Since you don’t have the tools these technicians had, it is a great pointer to use and will make it easier.

Once you complete the alignment, you can use your DStv decoder to search for a signal. Perform a signal search while making minimal adjustments to your dish until the signal is perfect.

  • You can thus complete the alignment without any tools.

Tools you can use to make Dish Alignment Easier

  • DStv alignment app
  • DStv alignment meter
  • Dish signal tester