The popularity of DStv in South Africa has been very high in recent years throughout the country. More households, restaurants, and hotels have made DStv their primary entertainment option, and all the benefits it has to offer have helped businesses grow. DStv installers can assist you with this.

Why is the demand for installers high?

A major challenge, however, that many people are experiencing is finding the best installers. Since Multichoice has made accreditation open to private companies. Even though they have to go through vigorous tests, it can be difficult to trust the services they have to offer, and you can get stuck not knowing what to do.

Finding DStv installers, however, doesn’t have to be a challenging task. There are several steps you can follow that will indicate you are getting the best installers. There are certain services that Multichoice has allowed installers to perform, and whichever installer you select should offer them.

What services do installers offer?

Professional installers offer a wide range of services, and Multichoice has approved these. First, legitimate installers must offer DStv satellite installation services. Your satellite is one of the important aspects of your entire DStv system since it receives the network. Without the satellite dish, you cannot make any connection, making it impossible to watch any program.


The installers should follow all the recommended processes by Multichoice to ensure you get a proper connection. When choosing installers, you should ensure they have the right tools for the work. Another service offered by legitimate DStv  is setting up proper cable connections.

If you set up your cables poorly, they will wear out faster, which could interfere with your connection. DStv should ensure your cables are well connected to the satellite dish and onto the decoder properly. While these cables run through your walls, they can be placed closer to the wall to ensure they are protected from the tough elements.

They should also offer extra view connections as this is among the biggest service Multichoice has introduced. Extra view allows you to connect multiple decoders to a single point, and all your decoders can show different channels independently. Installers will assist you in making this connection, and you can enjoy your subscription.

Why do you need to find professional installers?

Ensuring you make the correct DStv connection will play a huge role in determining your viewing experience. If your installer makes the connection poorly, you will miss out on your shows, and you will experience many challenges as you try to watch. There are numerous reasons why you need to get professional installers.

The most important of these is to ensure the connection is done correctly. In setting up the connection, you need to have strong knowledge of DStv connections. It is only professional installers who have this, and you must ensure they make your connection. Multichoice has created a system that ensures only qualified people and companies get accreditation to make connections.

They have introduced tests and courses to ensure you only deal with the most qualified people. When you are getting their services, you are assured of the best connection. Professional installers will also have the correct tools for the job to ensure they do proper work. With the correct tools, you are assured of a stronger connection, and you can enjoy your viewing experience.

How can you get professional installers?

Getting professional installers has been made simpler by Multichoice. Instead of looking for an installation company, you can employ their services directly. They will supply you with the best decoders and will help you make these connections. With their services, you are assured of getting the best experience.

You can also seek leads from others who have made DStv connections for their homes. They will give you better information as it will stem from their experiences. This will play a huge role in helping you determine the installers you will employ. Multichoice can also guide you through the selection process as they have a database of their approved installers.


With them, you are assured of getting the most beneficial and accurate information that will help you. When making your DStv selection, you should ensure proper research in the process and find the most reputable persons.

Can you make the installation on your own?

If you enjoy DIY projects, installing your DStv system will be a great opportunity to learn a new skill. You will not need to hire professional installers to get some of the basic tools and make these connections. Most of the tools, such as screwdrivers and hammers, are easy to find and will help.

Other specialized tools such as signal finders are easy to find too, as you can buy them from Multichoice and will be useful in your future projects. With the right tools, you can set up the satellite dish and all the necessary cables. In no time, you can begin enjoying all your favourite shows.

Taking up the challenge instead of hiring installers will also save you some money while learning this new skill. Since the demand for installers is high, their process is usually quite high throughout the country. Once you learn to install DStv systems, you can begin making installations for yourself and your family.

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You must ensure you get your services from accredited installers only. Multichoice will help you identify these installers. It will make your search easier. Having a good installation will play a huge role in your viewing experience. You should ensure you get only the best. If your installation is done well, you will get more benefits from your subscription. Contact us now for the BEST INSTALLERS!