Firstly, whenever you are setting up your DStv, you must have a smart LNB connection for it to work. An LNB is the “arm” part of your satellite connection and is very easy to make a connection. When you make a connection, it will receive radio waves from your satellite and convert it to a signal that the decoder can understand.

Types of LNB connection

Secondly, Multichoice has created different types of smart LNB, and all are used to make different connections. Before selecting your preferred LNB device, you should first consult a technician for what will work best for you. There are options between single LNB for a single view decoder, Quad LNB, or you can get a unicable LNB.

LNB connection

The main purpose LNBs were introduced is to meet the ever-rising demand for non-commercial installations. If you are in a multiple-dwelling unit such as an apartment, your smart LNB will not work well.

When you make a connection, it will combine all the features of a DStv switch and make it more convenient. It will work as a unicable connection, and you won’t have to deal with multiple signal points.

What are the benefits of having a connection?

Furthermore, The main users of an LNB connection are people who have their satellites. It allows you to connect more decoders in your house through Extra View and enjoy viewing across more TVs. Multichoice has tested these devices thoroughly to ensure you get the best programming experience.

Finally, a smart LNB allows you to have a stronger signal for your decoder, and you will never experience any delays in programming.

This is made possible by the high band capability of your smart LNB. When making your DStv installation, you always want to get the most value at the least cost, and an LNB and Explora connection allows you to achieve that.

LNB connection

You will need fewer RG6 cables, and with fewer cables, you will have a clean setup. Chances of network loss will also reduce.

You won’t need to make repairs often, and you can get reliable performance. Lastly, there are many positive reasons for having an LNB connection.