Firstly, the Explora 3a is one of the most popular and well-performing decoders available. Using it has been made more convenient thanks to the extra view connection option from Multichoice. This decoder is highly preferred thanks to its signal reception and ease of connection to secondary decoders. Learning how to complete the Explora 3a extra view setup will be very convenient.

Which decoders can be connected to the Explora 3a?

Secondly, you will no longer need to call and pay a technician to make the connection. It is a simple process, and all you need is basic knowledge of DStv connection. There are various important steps to always have in mind while undertaking the Explora 3a extra view setup.

Explora 3a Extra View Setup

Being a modern decoder, the Explora 3a offers several methods to connect to a secondary decoder. All you need to have is a connecting cable and all other items as dictated by Multichoice. Once you have all these items, you can begin the setup.

Completing the Explora 3a extra view setup

Lastly, you will first have to turn off your primary decoder, which is preferably the Explora 3a. You can now reboot your secondary decoders and begin setting them up. Open the network settings of these decoders and run the installation wizard on them independently. Once the installation wizard is complete, you can now begin connecting the decoders.

Connect the LNB cable to the back of your primary decoder using the unicable port on your smart LNB. Furthermore, it will help transfer signals from the primary decoder to the secondary decoders. Once connected, you can now reboot your primary decoder and tune all the decoders to channel 100. You can also run a signal strength check to determine how you can improve it.

Explora 3a Extra View Setup

Lastly, if you encounter a challenge in the setup process, you can reach out to any DStv accredited installer. You can also choose to look into the connection critically and identify where the problems are arising from. Indeed, the Explora 3a extra view setup is a great way to get more from your DStv subscription.