Multichoice has created one of the most convenient ways to enjoy your DStv subscription. It is the extra view option. It is a connection that lets you connect up to two extra decoders to your primary one. Then enjoy your subscription across all of them. They will be programmed into the same account. You won’t have to buy a new DStv subscription for all decoders you have. All this information is contained in an extra view DStv installation diagram.

What is an extra view DStv installation diagram?

Extra View DStv Installation Diagram

It is a physical representation of the details you will come across for the DStv installation process. The diagram contains information about the decoders needed. How they are connected, and the steps to follow. An extra view DStv installation diagram allows you to learn about making DStv connections conveniently and faster. Rather this, than looking for a technician every time you need an installation.

How many decoders can be connected on extra view?

From your DStv diagram, you will learn that multichoice only allows a maximum of three decoders in any extra view connection. One will act as the primary decoder while the rest are the secondary decoders. It is on the primary decoder that you will be paying your subscriptions. It will transmit signals to the secondary decoders.

Multichoice advises you to have an Explora as your primary decoder since it captures signals better. Your diagram will show you the various decoder models you can use as your secondary decoders.

Installing DStv extra view cables on your decoders

In your  DStv installation diagram, this will be placed as the last step when making your DStv extra view connection. You will also learn that all decoders must get a strong signal strength for the connection to work.

Extra View DStv Installation Diagram

Following the diagram, you will find out how to connect the coaxial cable from all the decoders into the smart LNB. If your secondary decoders are new models, they will have a uni-cable port for the connection. Lastly, using older model decoders, you can use the universal ports to make the extra view connection.

In conclusion, having a DStv installation diagram while conducting the installation is very convenient and will make it easier.