Extra view is one of the most convenient features of having a DStv subscription. Before this feature was introduced, you had to buy several decoders. Then make separate subscriptions for them. It was very expensive and inconvenient.

When Xtraview was introduced, more users embraced it. Although it is convenient, navigating through the Extra view settings on Explora can be very challenging.

How does Extra view settings on Explora work?

It is where two decoders are connected to a primary decoder and get a signal from them. These decoders will each work independently. They will be using a similar subscription. Multichoice allows you to link up to two decoders without having to buy separate subscriptions for all of them making it very cheap.

Extra View Settings

The primary decoder is usually an Explora. It sends heartbeat signals to the secondary decoders. You can choose to use a smart LNB or a communication cable for this connection. These are the basic aspects of the xtraview settings on Explora.

How to install  settings on Explora

The Explora decoder is recommended for any XtraView connection. Thanks to its proper signal connection and transfer. You will also need to have some basic knowledge of making DStv connections. It is, however, simple to learn. To ensure you make the correct XtraView settings on Explora, ensure you have the right secondary decoders.

Activating your connection through the Extra View settings

You will first need to ensure all your cables are well connected and the satellite dish is aligned correctly. Once you confirm this, you can begin the activation process. First, tune all the decoders to channel 100 as it will help to show connectivity.

Ensure the primary Explora decoder is transferring a strong signal to your secondary decoders. Check every three minutes to confirm this. Once you confirm that the signal is being transferred, you can begin running the setup wizard.

Extra View Settings

Running the setup wizard

This is the final process in the connection. It is important when making Extra view settings on Explora. When navigating through the DStv menu, you will spot the setup wizard.

Running it ensures all decoders get a strong signal. When this process is complete, you can now begin viewing channels on your decoder.