How do I get my DStv signal back?

As you watch your favourite shows on DStv, you can encounter the DStv searching for signal prompts. It shows that your DStv decoder is not receiving enough signal, and you can lose connection immediately. This message can be very annoying, especially if you don’t know how to fix it.

What causes the DStv searching for signal problem?

When your decoder brings up the DStv searching for signal message, it means something is interfering with how strong your network is. It can result from several reasons, some of which are connected to your DStv connection.

Dstv Searching For Signal

Why DStv lost signal?

If you have placed your satellite dish in the wrong direction, this error is likely to occur. If there is a wrong connection of cables from the decoder to the satellite, it could bring up this message. When your cables are cut, your decoder will not receive a strong signal, and you will get the DStv searching for signal message.

How do I fix no signal on DStv?

Since this prompt can be very annoying, especially when you are watching your favourite shows, you should fix it immediately after it arises. You can, however, fix most of these challenges without having to hire a DStv technician. The first place to start when you get the DStv searching for signal problem is your satellite dish.

Always ensure it is placed in a high place and away from buildings and trees. Ensure it is also pointed in the right direction as recommended by Multichoice. When you place the decoder right, ensure it is receiving the proper signal.

Dstv Searching For Signal

You can also check your decoder to see if the cables are connected well. Look at all the ports and ensure your RG6 cable is connected to the right place. You can also look at your cable and ensure it isn’t broken at any place. If you get a problem, replace the cable with a recommended one from Multichoice. You can prevent this problem from reoccurring by pinning your cables closer to the wall.

When you get the signal message, you can fix them easily without any technical knowledge. You can also correct this error from the DStv menu by resetting your decoder.

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