When using a DStv decoder, just like when using any other electronic device, you will encounter problems. DStv picture problems are the most common and often occur than any other problems. There are different types of DStv picture problems, and they will all show in different ways. Here is a look at possible problems you are likely to encounter, their causes, and how to fix them.

Ghosting on your tv screen

This problem occurs when there is a frequency problem with your decoder. Although it rarely occurs, when the signal is poor, you are likely to experience it. Correcting this problem is simple, as all you need to do is change the UHF frequency settings. You can find it easily locate these settings on your decoder.

DStv Picture Problems

The problem can also be caused by broadcast interference. This will require a technical solution, and you will need the services of an accredited DStv installer.

When there is a black band moving on the screen

This is among the most common DStv picture problems. You will see a black band crossing the screen as you watch, and it will reduce your picture quality significantly. A poorly connected power supply cable causes it. You can check the power cable and ensure it is well connected.

DStv picture problems on your decoder

These DStv problems can also come from a faulty RF cable. You can check whether your cable is cut at any point or connected well and to the correct ports. If this problem persists, you can get a new decoder and better cables.

DStv Picture Problems

Having a secondary image behind the picture

These DStv picture problems can be very annoying and will affect your viewing experience a lot. With a second image appearing behind, you won’t know which one, and you can even miss your show. The main cause of this problem is poor UHF settings, and you can restore your DStv decoder to factory settings.

Solving all your DStv picture problems is simple, and by following simple processes, you can do it. In case some of the problems fail to go, you should seek the services of a technician.