When you encounter any challenge with your decoder, the first solution you can try is resetting it. It will return the decoder to the state from the manufacturer, and you can begin making your preferred changes once again. Although this is a convenient way to handle your connection problems, many people don’t know How to reset DStv decoder in simple steps.

A guide on how to reset DStv decoder

Since there is no reset option on the remote, some people find themselves lost in these settings. There is, however, a simple way to do it, and this guide will assist you.

How to reset DStv decoder in simple steps

When learning How to reset DStv decoder in simple steps, it will restore its factory settings. This is the condition in which you received it from Multichoice. Numerous changes will come with resetting your decoder, and all your saved data will be erased.

If you had saved any shows in your decoder or had some favourite channels classified, they will be deleted. Once the restoration is complete, you can reset the decoder and add all your saved data back.

How to reset DStv decoder in simple steps

Steps of how How to fix your decoder

This is a simple and fast process, and in a short time, you will be back to enjoying great programming.

  1. The first step is to press the DStv button on your remote.
  2. It is blue and stands out among the rest, and you cannot miss it.
  3. Now, navigate using the directions on the remote and press the right arrow.
  4. It will take you to a new sub-menu, and you can continue the process.
  5. While on the right navigation, press until you get to the settings option on the display menu.
  6. On the settings menu option, there is a system settings option.
  7. When you click on How to reset DStv decoder in simple steps, a small menu opens.
  8. Among the options available are the reset decoder settings.
  9. Click on it and continue navigating.
  10. You will get several reset options, all of which reset the DStv decoder differently.
  11. Find the reset to factory default option and click on it.
    For Xtraview – click here

When done, the decoder will reset back to factory settings and erase all saved data. When the reset process is complete, the decoder will reboot and will appear new. You can thus begin making your preferred changes, and many of your previous challenges will be sorted. This is how to reset DStv decoder.