An accredited DStv installer is a person or a company that has been allowed by Multichoice to sell or make DStv installations. These are a select group of people. When you want any DStv related services, you should ensure you are getting them from an accredited DStv installer. They are easy to spot since they are given branded badges. They have a license from Multichoice that allows them to perform these services.

What are the requirements of becoming an accredited DStv installer?

Since the demand for DStv installers has been rising in the country, Multichoice has put measures to ensure only the best get to become accredited DStv installers. First, you have to comply with all their requirements, and you must ensure you fulfil all legal requirements from the government. Before you can become an accredited DStv installer, you must first attain 18 years, as this is the minimum working age in the country.

Accredited DStv Installer

Requirements from Multichoice include a guarantee that you will provide the installation services as directed by Multichoice. You must always maintain the high standards and ethical practices that the company stands for since it plays a huge role in maintaining its brand image.

What are the requirements for an accredited DStv installer company?

If you want your company to get an accreditation to offer DStv installation services, you have to fulfill a variety of requirements. First, you need to have at least one staff member in your team, and it should be an individual with basic DStv connection knowledge.

Second, your company must have its equipment to perform all installation services or repairs that may be needed. You can buy these from Multichoice as they have all the right tools for the work. It will also guarantee you that you are getting the correct items. Multichoice also requires that you have a signal measuring device to use when setting up your satellite.

Your company should also have a utility van for transporting all your equipment and your DStv installer team. Multichoice also requires you to have at least five a year experience in dish installation and make DStv connections before your company can be considered for accreditation. Once you fulfil these, you can become an accredited DStv installer.

What are the operating guidelines a company should follow?

Once you become an accredited DStv installer, there are several guidelines set out by Multichoice that you have to abide by. First, your business will only operate within a specific area as directed by the company. This requirement helps maintain a proper network of accredited DStv installers. This ensures every region in the country is well served.

Accredited DStv Installer

If you have a big company, however, you can expand to different areas in the country. Second, your business premise should be branded with the right identity of Multichoice. You can get posters and other items that will show you are a DStv installer. Finally, you have to agree to the terms of service from Multichoice. This acts as a contract between you and the company, and you can now become a DStv installer.

What are the benefits of using an installer?

First, you are assured that an expert does the connection, and you won’t experience any problems soon. An accredited DStv installer knows everything about DStv dish installation. They have all their tools, and your decoder will get a stronger signal. It assures you that every connection made is correct and will work.

Secondly, when using an installer, you will get a better deal in installation prices or when you purchase their items. Compared to other sellers, they have the best deals for DStv Explora decoders and many more, ensuring you have a memorable experience. When you buy items from an accredited DStv installer, you are sure they are legitimate.

Finally, they will save you time when you need to make repairs to your DStv setup. Instead of looking through the entire connection to identify where the error is, speak to us. An accredited DStv installer will do it in a shorter time. They will make the repairs, and you will be back to enjoying all your favourite shows. The services of an accredited DStv installer are vital in any DStv setup.