DStv Explora XtraView Settings

XtraView is an innovative option from MultiChoice that allows you to have several decoders at once. With this option, you won’t need to pay for separate subscriptions for all your decoders. Everyone in your house can watch their preferred channels on different TVs without interfering with the experience of other household members. Although it is convenient, many users experience challenges when making XtraView Settings on their decoders.

Navigating through the XtraView settings

It is, however, a simple process, and in a short while, you will be enjoying all the benefits XtraView has to offer.

Xtraview settings

Before you activate the XtraView option in your decoder, you should ensure all the connections have been made properly. Check the wire connection between your primary and secondary decoders and ensure they are firmly in place. If you use a wireless connection, ensure it is strong enough to prevent interference when using the Explora decoder.

When making an Xtraview connection, make sure all the decoders are tuned in to channel 100.

Xtraview connection

  • It acts as a test to ensure all the decoders are working.
  • Once done, check that the heartbeat signal from the primary decoder to the secondary one is strong.

How to change errors through ExtraView settings

When making an XtraView connection, one challenge you will encounter is one or more decoders failing to connect. They might be receiving a weaker signal from the primary decoder. They will display the E13 error, and you will have to change it from the XtraView settings.

How to change errors through ExtraView settings

You can first navigate through the settings to check the Xtra View status of your decoder. It is a simple process, and you can find the guide in your decoder manual.

  • To check the status from the XtraView settings menu, first, click on the help option.

XtraView settings menu

It will bring up a menu, and you can click on the general information option. Among the options available here is the extra view status check, and you can click on it. It will show the status of all your connected decoders. You can thus identify the decoder with problems and fix them.

  • It makes extra view settings easy to navigate and use.